Grey Power Services

GPS Consultancy

“A paradigm shift in the provision and engagement of experienced oil and gas manpower services…”

Oil and gas companies that want to grow their business during these times of sustained low commodity prices will need to rethink their G&A model - especially for manpower services. These companies recognize that the era of having multiple levels of management and employees has passed.

But how will these companies fill the gap that has been left after the extensive retrenchments that have resulted in large percentage of the senior knowledge base leave the industry?

The answer is simple.

The new model will see small core teams of key staff augmented by experienced consultants who can be made available when and as needed to fill that gap.

Just as cutting edge companies saw the benefits in adopting a “just-in-time inventory” model, smart companies will see the rewards in adopting a “just-in-time manpower” model.

Having recognized the upcoming need for experienced manpower services, Grey Power Services has formed multi-disciplined team of senior professionals and is ready to help your company access and engage the services you need, when you need them, and for as long as you need them.

Whether it’s technical or commercial in nature, Grey Power Services has access to the manpower resources you require.