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Helping oil & gas companies access and engage the knowledge and experience they need to succeed.

About Grey Power Services

With many senior oil and gas managers having been given early retirement, there is a niche opportunity to capitalize on their many years of business experience and relationships.

Grey Power Services (GPS) was recently started with the plan to build a multi-disciplined team of grey-haired (metaphorically speaking) senior professionals who were retrenched from the oil and gas industry during the recent energy crisis. These individuals, many of whom are experts in their field, still want to be active in the industry but not full time and not as employees.

The business plan is to engage these men and women as associates in GPS and contract their services to companies who, as prices recover and deferred work programs gain renewed momentum, need to fill the void of senior expertise created through the extensive G&A cuts of the past 18 months.

Associates of this grey power work force can be contracted on a per-day or an hourly basis with the flexibility of having them work either on site or from a remote virtual office when and as their specific skillsets are needed.

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